Grass Seed

Domine Sales and Service has all your grass seed needs. We have grass seed for your lawn in either 25lb bags or you can purchase it in bulk by the pound.  Our pasture mix grass seed comes in two different varieties both in 50lb bags. Stop in today to get your grass seed today!

Lawn Mixes

Premium Sunny

Versatile, tough and attractive. This mixture will respond well to a medium to low maintenance schedule of fertilization and grooming, plus gives you the drought tolerance where lack of moisture may be a problem.
Contains: Kentucky Bluegrass(60%), Fine Leaf Perennial Ryegrass(30%), and Creeping Red Fescue(10%)
Available in 25lb and 50lb bags.

Classic Shade/Sun

This low-maintenance blend of grasses will give you the persistence and versatility you need in a low-maintenance grooming schedule. Classic has the drought tolerance, shade tolerance, and traffic tolerance you need to perform well under a wide variety of planting areas and soil types.

Contains: Kentucky Bluegrass(35%), Creeping Red Fescue(35%), and Fine Leaf Perennial Ryegrass(30%)

Available in 25lb and 50lb bags.

Elite Mix

This is our high-maintenance blend. It was designed to respond well to scheduled grooming, irrigation, and fertilization. This combination will give you a beautiful dark-colored lawn that is very tolerant of high traffic and shaded areas. It is also very disease-resistant.

Contains: Elite Kentucky Blugrasses(60%), Fine-Leaf Perennial Ryegrasses(30%), Improved Fine Fescue(10%)

Available in 25lb bags.

Pasture Mix


Agassiz G-3

This widely adapted pasture mix contains a blend of cool season grasses that perform extremely well under a variety of conditions. G-3 shows drought tolerance, excellent palatability and high forage yield.
Planted at 12-15lbs/acre
Contains:  Meadow Bromegrass(30%), Intermediate Wheatgrass(30%), Crested Wheatgrass(30%), Tetraploid Ryegrass(10%)

Available in 50lb bags.

Agassiz A-1

A-1 is similar to G-3 with the addition of creeping alfalfa for grazing purposes. It is an excellent all-around pasture mix, not recommended for horses.
Planted at 12-15lbs/acre

Contains:  Meadow Bromegrass(25%), Intermediate Wheatgrass(25%), Crested Wheatgrass(25%), Creeping Alfafa(15%), Tetraploid Ryegrass(10%)

Available in 50lb bags.