Livestock Feed

Domine Sales and Service are proud carriers of Purina and Hubbard Feeds for both our livestock feed and companion animal feed. Here are a few of the more common feeds that are kept on hand.  If you are not seeing what you need please contact us and let us know what we can do for you!

Purina FeedĀ measures greatness by the animals they feed. It’s what drives their research year in and year out. Because if there’s greatness on the inside, there’s greatness on the outside. It’s unmistakable.

Hubbard Feeds provides nutrition programs to help improve the health, performance and well-being of your animals, and to make your life easier. Being passionate about your animals, your business and you, our customer, is a core value of Hubbard Feeds and the driving force behind “Products and Answers That WORK®.”

Livestock Feed

Cattle Feed

Domine Sales and Service has a large variety of feed for cattle on hand in either bulk or in bags. For Hubbard bulk feeds, we provide our Supergain 14 B60 calf creep. Our Purina bulk feed options include Rangeland 14 B90 calf creep, a pre-mixed 20% accuration 80% corn blend, and cracked corn. We also provide 50-pound bag options for both our calf creeps,  Blueprint Calf Krunch, Purina oats and cracked corn, and both Purina and Hubbard mineral options. We also offer white, eddi, and cobalt salt, both in bag and block options.

Poultry Feed

Domine Sales and Service has a nice selection of feed for your chickens and other poultry. We carry both Hubbard and Purina feeds. For chicks, we have a medicated Fast-Grow from Hubbard and a non-medicated Starter from Purina. For your laying hens, we offer both Hubbard’s Layer Pellet and a Layer Crumble. We also carry Hubbard’s All Flock and Purina’s Scratch Grains for all your other poultry needs. We also carry Oyster Shells and Flock Blocks from Purina for additional supplements.

Equine Feed

Domine Sales and Service carries a few of the basic horse feeds. We carry mostly Purina products like the Ultium for growth, Senior for your sweet older horses, Strategy and Country Acres for all horses, and All Stock which can be fed to horses, cattle, goats, and sheep. We also have mineral blocks, horse treats, and alfalfa cubes and pellets.

Other Livestock Feed

At Domine Sales and Service, we didn’t forget about your other farm animals either. We carry Purina Complete Rabbit Food in both 25-pound and 50-pound bags. We also carry Blueprint Sheep Mineral, lamb milk replacer, and Blueprint Goat Feed.

Companion Animal Feed

Dog Food

Domine Sales and Service also provides a wide range of dog foods to fit whatever lifestyle your dog has! Our 50-pound dog foods include our Red Flannel Hi-Protein for active dogs and the Red Flannel Prime for those hard-working dogs. We also carry a 40-pound bag of Red Flannel Canine which is for all types of dogs and our Red Flannel Puppy for all your little guys. For Exclusive Signature Dog Food, we carry Lamb with Brown Rice for dogs of all live stages, and Chicken with Brown Rice for adult dogs. Those both come in 30-pound bags. We also carry Exclusive Signature Puppy Food in a 15-pound bag.

Cat Food

Domine Sales and Service has a few varieties of cat food on hand.  For your average farm cat, we carry Country Acres Cat Food in a 40-pound bag. If you’re looking for a smaller bag, we carry the Red Flannel Cat Food in a 20-pound bag. And if you’re looking to really spoil your feline friend, we have Exclusive Signature Cat Food in a 15-pound bag as well.